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What is QuickDinero.com?
Quickdinero is a relatively new concept, is a way of emailing money (Sending Money) over the internet.You can now send money electronically to anyone in the United States, Mexico and other parts of Latin America by simply sending them an email message.

How does QuickDinero.com work?
Quickdinero is convenient way to take care of your payments whether is family or friends or just sending money to a special someone. Once you sign up for QuickDinero.com, you can send money to anyone in Latin America, whether they have Internet access or not and charge your checking account or credit card from any financial institution. Funds are sent to a financial institution that you choose. Recipients are notified by email or phone that they have received a payment.

Quickdinero deals primarily with Banks in Mexico and the US. Quickdinero handles all Banks. However, fund transfers to regional banks take longer to be processed, usually a period of 24 hours vs. hours for some National Banks.

Can I trust QuickDinero.com with my money?
Quickdinero.com is not a Bank but it is regulated as a non-financial institution by each respective state through its statues dealing with Money Transmission.Quickdinero.com is appropriately bonded and licensed in its state of incorporation.Our license is # 76.

Is Quickdinero secure??
Yes. We use the latest security and password encryption technologies to ensure you personal and account information is kept confidential. Senders of Quickdinero do not have access to the account information of recipients; likewise, recipients do not have access to Senders personal information such as checking account or credit card info.

What costs are involved?
Quickdinero is an inexpensive way to send money to other people in a secure way. Currently our cost is a flat fee of $8 dls for any amount sent anywhere.

How long does it take for the recipient to get the funds sent???
If your transfer is to Mexico and you use your checking account, the funds will transferred in a period of 24 hours if your transaction is received before 3:o’clock CST.

If your transfer is made within the US and you use your checking account, the funds will be transferred in a period between 24 and 48 hours to the recipient.

Is the QuickDinero.com service only available online?
Quickdinero will be available offline through our participating Agents for your added convenience Please check our Agent Affiliates on our web pages.

Who can use QuickDinero.com?
QuickDinero.com is available to all residents in the states of Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Ohio and Wisconsin. Availability may change from time to time. Please verify that you live in one of QuickDinero’s licensed states before utilizing QuickDinero’s services.