• You can send money anywhere in Mexico with a high degree of trust and confidence using the Bank or Institution of your choice.
  • Our service reaches all corners of Mexico
  • We use the latest security and password encryption technologies to ensure you personal and account information is kept confidential.

The easiest and fastest way to send money

  • You can send to more than 20 countries
  • Over 200 payment agents with thousands pickup locations around the world
  • You can deposit to a bank account or pickup in a specific location

Quickdinero is convenient way to take care of your payments whether is family or friends or just sending money to a special someone. Once you sign up for QuickDinero.com, you can send money to anyone in Latin America, whether they have Internet access or not and charge your checking account or credit card from any financial institution. Funds are sent to a financial institution that you choose. Recipients are notified by email or phone that they have received a payment.

Quickdinero deals primarily with Banks in Mexico and the US. Quickdinero handles all Banks. However, fund transfers to regional banks take longer to be processed, usually a period of 24 hours vs. hours for some National Banks.

Sender Information:

Provide your basic information to identify you as the sender on the money transfer.

Money Transfer

Select your transfer options, including payment type, destination country, amount to sent, among others.

Recipient Information

Provide  information of who is going to receive the money

There are many pick up locations!!